Virtual Tours for Schools & Colleges

Let Students Tour & Experience Your School From Anywhere

Interactive and Immersive School Tour

With fewer students and guardians physically visiting school and colleges before applying, you need a virtual solution to convey campus culture, differentiate yourself from other schools or institutions, and tell your unique story. An immersive virtual tour of your school or college provides the most cost-effective solution.

VR classroom for schools and colleges in Lagos

Showcase Your Facility

It can be difficult for parents and guardians to experience and tour your school’s classrooms, labs, cafe, et cetera, without actually visiting. With Virtual Tour, you can “take” your facility and showcase your school’s amenities to parents and their wards anywhere they are in the world, 24/7.

Differentiate Your Center

Differentiate your educational center by empowering parents and their wards to virtually tour your facility and its amenities from anywhere in the world. Drastically increase lead generation of prospecting parents and students by meeting them wherever they are located with your initial sales pitch in the form of a virtual tour.

Make Lasting First Impression

It’s common for the websites of educational centers to display photos of their buildings and to relay details about the education they provide. However, not all schools offer actual virtual or interactive tours. By doing this, your facility can stand out among the other schools people come across in online search results.

A More Engaging Media

Website visitors who view your school’s virtual tour are more likely to be engaged than if you were to only display a photo gallery. It allows them to see the school grounds/buildings/campus, and they can better picture themselves there. This may very well be the most interesting feature of your website for potential students or their parents!

VR tours for schools and colleges in Lagos
VR Labs for medical facilities in Lagos

Interactive Experiences

Using a virtual tour on your website will help your school come across as professional. It will indicate that you are welcoming of new students, but also that you are serious about the education you offer. Virtual tours are perceived as high-quality, which is how you want your school portrayed as well.

Upsell Your Uniqueness

Throughout an online virtual tour, you can display the areas of your school that make it special. Even if there are other schools in the area that offer similar educational classes or courses, there are no doubt things about yours that are superior and different; virtual tour can help you highlights these uniqueness.

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